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Gumby flexible


We’ve spent more than a year dinking with plans for a major renovation to our home. We finally got some plans finalized with the architect. We asked a contractor for a bid, and he came back with a ridiculous number ($30,000). But that wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part is that the county’s building codes changed March 15, and now there’s a whole new set of regulations about windows, insulation, and air conditioning. You have to send your plans out to a calculation firm to have them “run the numbers” to see if your plans are up to code.

Ours weren’t, of course. We would need to change our window size (smaller) and the glass color (darker) to make it work. It’s actually a minor change, and the calculator people were very helpful, suggesting what to do.

But that little hiccup made darling wife re-think the entire project. “What will we do with all the extra space we’ll gain?” she asked. “Is it worth even $10,000 to do this? And will we like the kitchen in its new spot?”

The question brought me up short. I personally don’t care about any of these changes. I like the house as it is. But if she wants to change it, then I’m fine with that. So we’ve been planning the changes for a year.

Now she thinks, “why bother?” And I’m inclined to agree. Why bother, indeed? Let’s replace the old kitchen we have, put the new one in the same spot with a couple of changes, change out a door, reinforce the exterior eaves so they’re hurricane-proof, and call it done.

She apologized profusely for wasting a year of time and several hundred dollars on architectural plans. I hugged her and said it didn’t matter to me. I’m fine with whatever we do. I love the house as it is, but I will love it if she changes it. The money we’ve spent so far is trivial compared to the money we would spend making what could be a huge mistake.

I am Gumby flexible.

  1. 2012-04-29T13:59:50-04:00 13:59

    Congrats…imagine the headache you saved.


  2. 2012-04-29T00:51:41-04:00 00:51

    Martians were once a little green slab of clay.


  3. 2012-04-28T08:21:16-04:00 08:21

    No wonder you two work so well together. You can handle anything in stride.

    I find it interesting that you associate yourself with Gumby and with Martians. Both green. Do you feel any affiliation with Kermit?


  4. 2012-04-27T20:46:13-04:00 20:46

    Semper Gumby!


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