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No wildlife


Here in the urban desert of Los Angeles, it’s striking how little wildlife there is. Wide boulevards, palm trees, many little postwar single-family ranch-style houses, miles of oil well pumps nodding endlessly, refinery fractionation towers steaming, and the cool crisp salt air of the ocean. Only the beach has wildlife, in the form of seagulls. Other than at the beach, I’ve seen no wildlife at all here. It’s quite a contrast with my home in the jungle, because there’s plenty of wildlife there.

For example, I had wadded up the grill cover and left it on the ground one morning. A few hours later, a pair of wrens were hard at work building a nest in one of the folds of the grill cover. In the jungle, there’s life everywhere – you can’t escape it. Not so much in sunny California.

I’m looking forward to going home. ;-)

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    I suspect I’d notice that, too. I love having wildlife close to home. Here, we have a lot of birds. I love the fantails – plain little predominantly brown birds, the same size as a sparrow, but with hug tails that allow them to dart and almost hover as they catch insects on the wing. We also have bellbirds – green birds with gorgeous voices … when they choose to sing nicely. They can also squawk like a trooper if they so wish. Then there are the tuis, sparrows, blackbirds, the occasional duck … And that’s just our backyard!
    As much as I see the value in humans living “on top of each other” given our global population size, I would hate to have to give this up …


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