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Blending in with the natives


In Los Angeles, the Land of the Automobile, stylish natives drive convertibles because the year-round warm sunny weather lends itself to open-air driving. My rental car this week was upgraded for free to a Ford Mustang V6 Premium Convertible, so I got to pretend I was a native, driving around with the top down.

Convertibles are cold. Automobile manufacturers don’t tell you that, but they are. That’s why they usually have heaters that will fry an egg. I needed the heater on today, even though the sun was bright, because the ocean air was chilly.

I drive a friend’s Mustang convertible in the jungle when he’s gone during the summer, to keep it running well. His is older, rattly and ponderous. The new Mustangs are tight, gutsy and maneuverable. They are not cars for the faint-hearted.

If I were younger and single, I might have bought a Mustang. But I wouldn’t have gotten a convertible. I feel too naked and exposed in them. I would rather have a hardtop with tinted windows. I like to remain invisible.

Tomorrow or Thursday I will take my co-worker on a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down. We will both pretend we are natives.

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  1. 2012-04-21T13:57:47-04:00 13:57

    For those same reasons I also do not like sunroofs or moon roofs or whatever they call them. I’d prefer a tank, with cameras to allow me to see out and about. Pump the fresh air in through the roof. On second thought, just hurry up and create the transporter.


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