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The thrift store mafia


We shop at our favorite thrift store for two reasons:

  • Their prices are lower than everyone else’s, mainly because they get most of their inventory for free by doing “clean-outs” of dead people’s unneeded homes
  • They’re a family-run business, and they’re personable and friendly

The owner mentioned the other day that the other thrift store owners in town want to meet with him. They want to pressure him to raise his prices, because they are losing business to him. Their prices are much higher, both because they pay more rent, they have bigger staff that they must pay, and they don’t have as steady a stream of good inventory as he does, because they rely on donations and consignments, not clean-outs.

He is not interested in talking to them. He runs his business his own way, and they run their businesses their way. If their business model or cost structure can’t compete with his, it’s not his problem.

He is a good capitalist. I like him. I just hope that the other thrift store owners don’t resort to more overt pressure on him. I don’t think they would resort to violence against him or his property, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they tried to bribe a local official into finding a code violation in his store. Luckily we are not in the city, but in the county. The city is corrupt and stupid, and there is always a scandal and a lawsuit going on against the city government. The county runs a much tighter, more honest, more professional ship. And it’s a bigger organization, so it’s harder to be corrupt without someone noticing.  

I am proud of my thrift store owner for resisting the pressure from other thrift store owners to raise his prices. The world needs more people like him.

  1. 2012-03-22T20:52:03-04:00 20:52

    Good man that one. Hey bud miss you looking at my blog. I actually have written some lately.


    • 2012-03-22T21:10:51-04:00 21:10

      Ha, I thought you didn’t give a shit so I quit stopping by. I’ll come back. ;-)


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