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Sunday seacoast drive, part 2


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  • I like the bricklike pattern that’s eroded into the rock.
  • Huge slabs of rock sit out in the water. They’re tall enough that birds and sea lions sit on them and stay relatively dry.
  • I saw abandoned farm equipment in the fields overlooking the ocean.
  • I’m not sure what these crops are. Artichokes, I think.
  • If the seaside is where old mattresses go to die, then it makes sense that old jeans do too. It’s a nice final resting place.
  1. 2012-03-22T11:01:22-04:00 11:01

    Oooh! I like the big slabs of rock.


  2. winsomebella permalink
    2012-03-20T22:39:15-04:00 22:39

    Looks like the flowers are growing right out of the farm equipment….guess it has been there awhile :-)


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