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Sunday seacoast drive, part 1


I went for a drive up the California coast from Santa Cruz. It’s lovely.

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  • I’m sure the lady with all the bumper stickers on her car will have a nice label for her problem in the new DSM-V.
  • I stood on the very edge of the cliff. It was at least 70 meters to the sand below. I’m not normally afraid of heights, but that day I was.
  • You can see the layers of rock exposed by the erosion of the sea.
  • Seabirds (such as cormorants) were swimming in the surf.
  1. 2012-03-20T10:29:29-04:00 10:29

    I love looking at beautiful places and these are of an area I’ve never visited before! Thanks!


  2. 2012-03-20T09:02:33-04:00 09:02

    Beautiful. :)
    Ok, except for the dirty mattress. What’s up with that?


    • 2012-03-20T09:44:15-04:00 09:44

      I just thought the dirty mattress was an odd counterpoint to the pristine beauty of the coastline. As an alien, I’m always drawn to alien things. The mattress was one. ;-)


  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes permalink
    2012-03-20T05:57:09-04:00 05:57

    This was great – really magic. Your picture slide show is wonderful. Sigh…. I need a holiday…


  4. 2012-03-20T04:14:35-04:00 04:14

    Was it a calm or windy day?


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