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Flashback: AG Holder recommends we “brainwash” people to hate guns


Back in 1995, then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder gave a speech at the National Women’s Democratic Club, broadcast on C-SPAN, in which he talked about his efforts to “brainwash” DC residents and schoolchildren to hate guns.

 Now Holder is the U.S. Attorney General, in charge of the U.S. Department of Justice. Operation Fast and Furious happened on his watch. Violent crime in D.C. has decreased 50 percent since 1995 due to such factors as the displacement of the urban poor by D.C.’s continuing gentrification, anti-gang policing, and the overturning of D.C.’s handgun ban in 2007. But violent crime in D.C. in 2010 was still 1330 per 100,000 people, versus the national average of 403 per 100,000 people (three times higher). So I’m not sure how much the brainwashing has helped.  I think it’s more likely that relentless policing, plus the dispersal of violent urban criminals out of D.C. into Maryland and Virginia, has had more of an effect on D.C.’s crime rate than “brainwashing” in the media and in the schools.

If a conservative had said such things on tape, it would have been national news back then, and again during today’s political campaign. But because a “liberal” said it, it’s okay. But it just highlights how liberals think of “the people.” They’re not people. They’re “sheeple,” to be herded around and instructed on what to do, what to believe, and what to think.

 You will be told what to think, and you will like it.

It’s frightening to think that such people actually hold positions of power today. Well, it’s only for another few months.

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