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A recurring dream, found to be real


Years ago I had a recurring dream, about a huge train station. It was always late afternoon, the sun going down in the west, and I was walking northward into a huge building with columns and arches and windows, its hulk silhouetted against the orange evening sky. Inside it was noisy gloom, with throngs of people rushing this way and that, the last golden rays of the sun slanting through the windows high above to illuminate dancing dust motes like sparkling stars.

Today I took a cab from the airport into Kansas City. The cab driver regaled me with tales of picking cotton in his youth, as he took a circuitous route designed to boost the fare. I didn’t mind… his story was interesting, I was seeing parts of the city I had never seen before, and the client’s paying the fare anyway.

He took me past Union Station, and his voice faded into the background as I gazed upon the monstrous edifice. This was the building in my dreams, the dreams that I had many years ago. This was the place. It’s real.

I have been in Kansas City, but I have never been to Union Station before. I have never seen this place, in this life. Yet here it is.

I have not thought of that recurring dream in many years, but now it’s back in the forefront of my mind. I keep reliving the snippets of the dream, what little I can remember. Nothing meaningful.

This means one of three things:

  • I am remembering scenes from a past life.
  • I am remembering someone else’s memories of this place.
  • I am remembering an episode of astral projection, which I have been known to do by accident. That would mean I actually HAVE been to Union Station, just not in physical form.

Any one of those things are equally plausible. I told darling wife about seeing the place from my dreams. She didn’t know what it meant, but she asked me to be careful. If it’s past-life stuff, she thinks it’s not a good thing if past-life and current-life things converge. Now she’s going to be worried about me until I leave this place.

If something bad happens, at least the world headquarters of Hallmark Cards is right across the street. I’m sure they have something suitable for the occasion.

  1. 2012-03-21T21:21:17-04:00 21:21

    Maybe if you had short skis?


  2. 2012-03-18T21:16:52-04:00 21:16

    I am thinking either past life or possibly astral projection. I feel so bad for your wife having herself so worried, too. I am worried myself, but think it’s going to alright. When are scheduled to get out of Kansas City? I am praying it’s soon, but I have a “feeling” it will all be OK. Anyone reading this who doesn’t believe will think we are a bit odd, Oh well and c’est la vie! Just stay safe, I will be praying! That was so not funny about the Hallmark Cards Store across the street, well it was a tiny bit funny I’ll admit. ;) BUT nothing bad is going to happen, my “feelings” are usually right.


    • 2012-03-19T07:20:31-04:00 07:20

      “All things are possible except skiing through a revolving door.” – Douglas Adams


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