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More illness


Maddie the piglet cat has gone off her feed. She won’t eat. She lies around listless. And when she tried to eat this morning, she threw it up immediately.

This is most unusual behavior for this cat. She is hefty already, because we can’t STOP her from eating. She’ll wolf her food down, then cry for more. She’ll eat her brother’s food and her sister’s food too if we let her. We don’t let her. So she grazes around the house, eating the odd bit of dust or fluff. She is a food maniac, convinced that she’s always starving. At six kilos, she’s not starving. When we pick her up, it’s like picking up a sack of potatoes. She could stand to lose a kilo or two.

So when she wouldn’t eat today, we took her to the vet. He thought we were overreacting. “Most people wouldn’t bring in their cat for two or three days if they had that kind of problem,” he said. “Yes, but this behavior is most unlike this cat,” we said.

He shot her up with some antinausea and antibiotic drugs, took some blood, and sent her home. Now she’s hiding under my desk.

We’ll see what happens. If nothing else, maybe she’ll lose a bit of weight, and then it won’t be like being hit with a furry brick when she jumps on me.

  1. 2012-03-18T03:21:54+00:00 03:21

    furry brick. That was cute. It reminded me that our dog is like a furry wall when she leans on us. Hope she gets better!


  2. 2012-03-18T02:26:26+00:00 02:26

    My cat regularly throws up twice a week. It’s because he gobbles his food. hope your moggy is ok


    • 2012-03-18T19:56:47+00:00 19:56

      This cat is such a pig, that if she ever threw up (she never does), she would quickly consume it again. That’s how much of a pig she is. I have considered putting a muzzle on her, to prevent her from eating, but I’m sure that would drive her absolutely insane.

      Nevertheless, she’s back to her piggy self now. Thanks for your warm wishes.


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