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A new ground vehicle


I purchased a ground vehicle today. It has been heavily used in its short life so far. That’s fine with me. I hate being extra-careful with a new tool or device, dreading that first scratch. This vehicle has more than its share already.

(I once had a friend who had new carpet installed in his house. When it was finished, he went to the refrigerator, cracked open a can of soda, and deliberately poured it in the middle of the new living room carpet. “There,” he announced, “that’s over with.” I liked his logic. I do that with vehicles. I buy them when they’ve already been abused. Then I don’t feel bad when I abuse them.)

The sales “experience” was less onerous than I remember. Perhaps it helped that I brought a book to read. We traded numbers on paper for half an hour. I settled for a higher price than I wanted, but the initial price was already absurdly low, the lowest available for that type of vehicle for 250 kilometers around, so I didn’t feel like I had been treated unfairly. And I leveraged some coupons from them for a few free oil changes. Everyone was happy, especially because I paid cash.

It is not a color I would have chosen. Definitely not. Think of the color that you personally would be least likely to choose in a vehicle. That’s the one I chose. But I am color-blind, so it really doesn’t matter what color it is. My friends will laugh when they see it, because they know that color is not “me.” I will laugh with them. It will be our running joke.

Now the “new” vehicle is in the shop, to fix some of its little nits and replace some missing parts. When it comes out, it will be put to work.

I’m glad this annoying task of buying a vehicle is over for another ten years or so.

Next annoying task on the list: income taxes.

  1. 2012-03-14T11:10:44-04:00 11:10

    Green, actually. Fitting for an alien, but I really don’t like green.


  2. 2012-03-14T03:28:44-04:00 03:28

    Is it yellow?


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