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Why is it…


Why is it that I’m busier when I’m working at home than when I’m on the road? At least it feels that way to me.

I am shopping for a new ground vehicle. I have to give my old one to a relative who is just starting her first job, and she needs it. I hate buying vehicles, mainly because I hate dealing with salesmen. I always buy used vehicles, and I figure I’m going to have to take it to the mechanic right away to get all the problems fixed up, so it’s basically two large invoices in one month. Plus I have to take two weeks in Hawaii to teach a class, and take darling wife along, which is another large sum. Luckily Hawaii got postponed today, and so that’s less stress for everyone, including darling wife who was beginning to freak out about all she had to get done before we left.  

I’m happy driving anything that moves under its own power. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, so the more blank, nondescript, and beat-up it is, the better. I keep them in perfect mechanical condition, but outside, I prefer to have them look a bit worse for the wear. People in nicer vehicles tend to yield to your beat-up vehicle, since obviously you don’t care if it gets hit again. And thieves are less likely to break into it if it looks scruffy.

Darling wife doesn’t think that way. She wants nice. I found a nice used police car, for example, that only had a little bit of blood on the back seat. She didn’t like that. Blood cleans up easily from vinyl, I said. She did not agree.

I have to buy a vehicle by the end of next week. I am prepared to be annoyed about the whole process until then.

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    Salesmens are easily very annoying, and I don’t either like to be assaulted by them. So I try to stay away as much as possible. But sometimes there is no way around. I hope your purchase of a new car went fine.


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