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Whiplash, part 3


Class is almost over. The students are happy. Their bosses are happy. I have gotten good ratings so far.

The person who hijacked the agenda on Tuesday, and who was overridden by the Chief on Wednesday, has failed to show up for class since then. Instead, she has been emailing the primary supplier (the first in the daisy-chain of three suppliers who are involved in this contract) to complain that I am not following HER agenda which she supposedly had requested in all their previous emails and meetings.

The primary contractor asked her to forward copies of the emails where she supposedly outlined her requirements for the agenda. She did that. I saw them. Those emails do not say what she claims they say.

I have not heard anything more from the primary contractor, other than that they will dock my pay if I get less than a 4 on my reviews, a requirement which I find to be obnoxious. So far, I have all 4s and 5s (highest ratings). At least one student wrote down a 6. That was kind.

This kind of crap, though, is why I remain a consultant. When the contract is over, I get to leave. My poor students have to stay and continue to work with this woman. I am told that she is notorious for this kind of behavior.

I really don’t understand why no one has run over her in the parking garage yet.

  1. 2012-03-02T05:28:19+00:00 05:28

    In this particular area of the city, I’m fairly certain no one would even notice.


  2. 2012-03-02T05:16:22+00:00 05:16

    Perhaps because it’s illegal…?


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