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Pictures from Monterey Bay Aquarium, part 2


More pix.

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  • I love jellyfish.
  • They have a baby great white shark. I didn’t see anyone flash him (not even the drunk girls).
  • The large flounder-like fish is the ocean sunfish (Mola mola), also known as a moonfish. It’s the size of a car and weighs more than 1 ton. It eats mostly jellyfish. It gets its name from its habit of lying sideways (flat) near the water’s surface to soak up heat from the sun, before diving to 200m or more to feed. It is slow-moving, gentle and not very bright – its brain is the size of a peanut. It is the largest of the bony fishes, although most of its skeleton is cartilage. It is related to pufferfish. Females produce more than 300 million eggs at a time, more than any other vertebrate animal.
  • The schools of mackerel are just thick.
  • I got to watch a diver feed the fish and sharks. It was all fun and games until they ate him. It was like that scene from “The Birds,” only with fish. In one photo here, you can see how flexible sharks are, because they are mostly cartilage. Never grab a shark by the tail – he can bend 180 degrees and bite you without a problem.
  • They have a huge variety of seahorses. I was never a fan of seahorses until now. They are quite interesting.
  1. 2012-03-04T03:35:00-05:00 03:35

    seahorses are so beautiful. and I love how the males look after the babies.


  2. 2012-03-04T01:53:37-05:00 01:53

    You love jellyfish? Don’t you find them a little too chewy?

    Nice shots, especially for the challenging aquarium environment. (I know. I’ve been there.)


    • 2012-03-05T10:15:59-05:00 10:15

      Believe it or don’t, that was my cellphone camera. I had to be especially creative to make such a limited piece of hardware work in that environment. But it IS one of the better cellphone cameras I have seen. It does a good job with what it has. I took a lot of shots. Perhaps one in three was usable. That’s not a bad ratio for an aquarium.


  3. 2012-03-03T21:45:28-05:00 21:45

    … you love jelly fish? lol, Matthew adores them too.
    Anna :)


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