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Andrew Breitbart assassinated?


Andrew Breitbart was a leading conservative political author and commentator who helped bring down President Obama’s corrupt ACORN organization a couple of years ago. He repeatedly embarrassed both liberals and government employees by publicizing their misdeeds. A lot of people probably wanted him dead.

Yesterday they got their wish, when he suddenly dropped dead of a “heart attack” while on a late-night walk in his Los Angeles neighborhood. He was 43.

In a synchronicitous universe, there are no coincidences. Breitbart was a thorn in the side of liberals everywhere, and his untimely exit just as the 2012 presidential campaign to replace President Obama is heating up, is very, VERY convenient.

Any time you hear about a sudden death of a prominent person by “heart attack,” remember that in the 1950s, the CIA’s Project MK Naomi developed a poison dart gun which fired a tiny dart of shellfish toxin and/or cobra venom at high speed into the target, causing near-immediate death by what appeared to be a heart attack. This was revealed in public testimony in the 1975 Church Committee hearings in the US Senate.

It’s not unreasonable to expect that the use of such weapons is no longer restricted to the CIA. Anyone can get them, really, or build them. And someone, or a group, which was in danger of being embarrassed by Andrew Breitbart in the media would have a very good reason to use such a weapon on Breitbart before that damage could occur.

I doubt the LA county coroner will find any cause of death other than “heart attack.” But the juxtaposition of events often speaks louder than the events themselves, I think.

  1. 2012-03-03T21:44:19-05:00 21:44

    And that is very new to me :a tiny dart of shellfish toxin and/or cobra venom. Thanks for sharing Marvin. Anna :)


    • 2012-03-05T10:22:26-05:00 10:22

      Yes, the dart is as thin as a human hair, is only a quarter of an inch long, and may be made of frozen venom, which melts inside the body, leaving no trace except a tiny red dot where it entered. Silent when fired, very lethal upon entry, and nearly undetectable by forensic examination.


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