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The Seatbelts, “Ask DNA”


Earth girls are easy. That was the name of another film that I’ve never seen. But it’s a good lyric in this tune, too. It makes for a fun chorus.

Gummed up, brain dead and can’t decide
You can’t pray enough, you can’t hide
You can be cool or you can cry
Do it wrong
Not at all
Or do it right

No one owes you, no one’s to blame
Save for bad genes or DNA
Ask your conscience the why and how
Do it then
Do it when
But do it now

What’s up Sweetcakes?
Who’s hip anyway?
Earth girls are easy
What you gonna do, little buckaroo?
(Hey you, better ask her nice!)
All you gotta do, happy fool, is ask your mom.

No, we all can’t be Superfly, GQ, Phd, FBI
You can pretend and you can try
Move ahead Lay down dead
Or slip on by

When the truth seems so far away
Buddha loves you and Jesus saves
You need answers for your dismay
Ask yourself Ask your mom Ask DNA

Kamakamakama ask your mama
Super groover mama Dalai Lama

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