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When I teach, I teach to an agenda. I go over the agenda with the client before the contract is signed, then I go over it again with all the students during class. Clients demand that you stick to the agenda. I do, because then, if a student claims that I didn’t go over something in class, then I know that I did. It’s all about accountability.

This particular job is unusual. This is a heavily-customized agenda, tailored specifically for them, arrived at through many emails, phone calls and meetings (of which I was not a part). We were subcontracted to do the work, by a supplier who was also subcontracted to do the work, by the main supplier. So we are thrice-removed from the customer, and are not supposed to communicate with them directly, or even acknowledge that we are not the main supplier. Therefore the chain of communication is long and ridiculous. I would never have agreed to such stupidity, but it wasn’t my call.

The client said today that they wish to discard the agenda. I asked why they had asked my superiors for so many revisions to the agenda, and why they had made us design a custom agenda if they didn’t want to use it after all. They said they had wanted to run a “learning lab” all along, and said they had stated that need from the beginning. I told them that we were never told that, and the agenda which they agreed to does not reflect that. They don’t care. And goodness knows that I don’t care. But I’m not going to get blamed for accommodating their wishes without written proof that they wanted the agenda changed. So I had them send me (and my superiors, and the other suppliers to which we report) a written order to deviate from the agenda, which they did.

Now I’m happy, and hopefully they’ll be happy. We’ll see what happens the rest of the week.

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    Marvin you really have interesting job.
    Anna :)


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