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Logic is contagious


A few weeks ago, a friend of my darling wife’s called her up and asked if I could come out and play. She wanted to go to a gun show and get her concealed weapons permit. So we did, and we had fun. She filed her paperwork with the state, and should have her permit any day now. Then I’ll take her shopping for a newer weapon than the eighty-year-old antique her late husband left her.

Now ANOTHER of my darling wife’s friends is asking me to come out and play, for exactly the same reason. This particular friend is a former Brit who was recently naturalized as a US citizen. She’s unfamiliar with weapons, since Britain outlawed most of them more than a decade ago (and caused its violent crime to spiral ever higher because its citizens are now defenseless). Nevertheless, she sees the value of being able to defend herself, especially when she’s walking home from work at night, alone.

She wants something small that’s soft-shooting and easy on her thin, birdlike hands. Sadly, local technology doesn’t really offer that. The smaller it is, the nastier the recoil. So I’ll pull some of my toys out and we’ll go to the range some weekend soon. I’ll let her play with them and she can decide what kind of weapon suits her best. And I’ll try to give her some basic training so she can shoot with confidence. The marksmanship exam only ensures that you can hit your target safely. It doesn’t teach the finer points of technique. So I’ll try to give her some training so she’s better prepared.

My darling wife knows some smart women. And their logic seems to be infecting their friends. I think that’s good.

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    Love that logic! I am considering asking my rifle-toting rancher sis to buy me a hand gun too. Smart chicks just do it. (thanks for visiting even tho I have been such an increasingly bad blogger, stuff happening here, as usual; blogger and activists getting stabbed (unusual), time to lay low)


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