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Craigslist: the dregs of society


Craiglist is a popular website for people to post advertisements for things to sell or give away. It’s basically a huge list of classified ads. It’s also free, which means that anyone with an internet connection can post ads. Money is not required, nor is any semblance of a basic education.

I’ve had female friends complain about the low quality of men who post personal ads on Craigslist. Um, the quality of the men is low because Craigslist is free. Men with even a little money would sign up for a dating service.

I’ve also noticed that when you advertise to sell something on craigslist, most of the inquiries you receive are not serious ones. They’re really just looking for conversation. They might offer you, say, half the price you’re asking for the item, just to see if you’ll take it. If they actually show up to look at it, they usually won’t buy. They’re just killing time, or they want something for free. And “free” is what the Freecycle website is for. So I’ve stopped using Craigslist, myself. It’s just a waste of my time.

My darling wife is more patient, and she still plays on Craigslist. This past weekend, she showed me an ad that she’d stumbled across on Craiglist. It was for “soards.” It had pictures of long metal sharp objects, which most people might recognize as “swords.” But this person was advertising “soards.”

I really think that there should be a brain breathalyzer built into every computer. If you fail to pass the minimum standards for intelligence or education, you’re not allowed on the Internet. (As a bonus, that would save places like Pakistan the trouble of blocking access to large portions of the Internet.)

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    Soards? That’s hilarious


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