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“Martin Luther King Boulevard” means “war zone”


I am working in Miami this week. My client site is on NW 62nd Avenue, which, I found out, is Martin Luther King Boulevard. Which means it’s a war zone. Boarded-up buildings, young black men shambling aimlessly like shadowy ghosts in the night, and welfare housing everywhere, concentrated especially in the area surrounding my workplace. Police presence is heavy, thankfully.

In every major American city that I have visited, if there is a “Martin Luther King” street, that street is always a war zone. I presume it’s simply a practical joke by each city’s leaders, to name an existing dangerous area for Martin Luther King, Junior. I doubt that naming the street for MLK makes it a ghetto. It probably already was a ghetto, and giving it that name is merely a code for “non-black people should avoid this area.”

Miami is no different.

I will be glad when this week is over.

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