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Sales call complete


It was a late night of prep. What I could not prep for, I talked around successfully. The client was very nice and I think the call went well.

Neither of us could get anything but and evening flight home, so we hung out on the pier at Huntington Beach. There, at a seaside restaurant named Duke’s, I had the best fish chowder I have ever had.  It was thick and creamy and almost whipped in texture, full of clams and fish and potatoes. It was divine. By far the best in the world, and I have sampled a lot. When you’re in the Los Angeles area, now you know where to go.

Now I have five hours to kill. Time to catch up with my blogbuddies.

  1. 2012-02-23T00:42:44+00:00 00:42

    What if you live in the L.A. area but don’t like chowder? What then?


  2. 2012-02-18T01:17:36+00:00 01:17

    I like these little snippets of life’s moments. They’re like a scene from a book. Nicely written.


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