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Shyness will be classified as a mental disorder


Remember what I said about the DSM-V?

I wasn’t kidding. I know some of my readers will be “pathologized” under the DSM-V. I will be too.

Well, I guess it can be nice to have a label.

  1. 2012-02-14T22:57:26-05:00 22:57

    How soon can I apply for disability?


  2. PerpetualSharon permalink
    2012-02-14T09:28:15-05:00 09:28

    I am an apathetic. It’s not that I don’t have the feelings of concern or excitement for others or events in life, I just don’t see them as relevant most of the time. There are very few things that I truly get excite about. Vacationing in a far away place that requires my passport causes excitement. Going twenty miles down the road for Oktoberfest, not so much. We have talked many times about taking a 2-3 week road trip to all the western states. I think it would be a waste of time with both kids in the back seat of the car with their headphones on and faces buried in their laptops. My son barely knows how to get out of our subdivision. My mother once told my mother-in-law that we(her children) were raised with benign neglect. My husband has often said that of me and our children. We live in a bit of a no-nonsense type of household. Not the most fun for kids, I know, but that is why they have their free-thinking, fun-loving, always a kid father.

    I think ‘others’ sometimes have problems with people like me who are pragmatic synthesist type thinkers. We are very few, maybe only about 10% of the population. Idealistic and Realistic points of view don’t hold much for me unless they have a practical use and purpose. I think this belief moves me out of the accepted behavioral models of most people and into the apathetic. I’m ok with that. I never wanted to be a sheep, anyway. If society wants to officially label me, that would be fine with me. It would give my husband the crutch of acceptance he needs when explaining me to his friends.


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