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Hollywood’s angst over the death of Whitney Houston


I watched the Grammy awards last night, not by choice, but because my darling wife wouldn’t let me have the controller.

I watched many of the celebrities express their shock and grief regarding singer Whitney Houston, who (it can be safely said) overdosed on alcohol and prescription medication at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Saturday.

Really. Was anyone really surprised at Houston’s death, at age 48? Really? No. Everyone saw it coming over the past fifteen years. And I think very few people did anything about it. If the people in Hollywood, particularly in the music industry, cared so much about her, I think that at least one of them would have helped her break her drug addiction, or at least helped her avoid her untimely death. But drugs (prescription and illicit) are so prevalent in Hollywood culture, it’s “normal” to be a drug abuser.

It’s a shame that Houston died relatively young. It’s a shame that she couldn’t pull out of her downward spiral. But I think it’s doubly shameful for a parade of Grammy attendees, many of whom knew Houston personally, to express their shock and dismay at her death, without ever acknowledging their guilt and complicity in it. It was their collective culture, the Hollywood drug culture, which helped propel Houston down her path of self-destruction. For them to express shock and grief at the result just seems ridiculous.

  1. 2012-02-21T00:08:38-05:00 00:08

    Best singer ever, enough said!


  2. 2012-02-15T16:27:19-05:00 16:27

    Criticizing her in life would have gotten her peers booed. Praising her in death got them more air time. Actually, I was suprised Whitney made it to 48.


  3. 2012-02-14T23:08:37-05:00 23:08

    Perhaps it’s unconscious jealously? I mean, look at all the attention death got her…


    • 2012-02-15T09:31:57-05:00 09:31

      If that’s the case, maybe Madonna will emulate Houston soon… I watched Madonna’s self-idolizing Super Bowl halftime show with disbelief. It was ridiculous, especially for an “artist” who hasn’t had a hit on her own in a decade.


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