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The most interesting skyline in months


A few months ago, I was on the west side of Edmonton, in a hotel facing Refinery Row. It was a lovely view. Lovely if you like machinery which could kill you if it malfunctions badly enough. Which I do.

I have never heard of a serious accident in Edmonton’s refineries, certainly not like the horrific explosions they’ve had in Texas City near Galveston (where I have worked too). I think the Canadians take their safety seriously. Or their nanny-state government makes them take it seriously. Either way.

The refinery looked like a miniature city in itself. It was very pretty.

  1. 2012-02-15T16:38:31-05:00 16:38

    Reminds me of Coruscant from Star Wars. Very cool.


  2. 2012-02-12T04:48:17-05:00 04:48

    It’s a cool picture. It looks like taken from a place outside our own world. Quite alien-like and bizarre. Nicely capture during twilight or the blue hour.


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