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Making a good decision


Let’s just say I’m not a regular reader of “Elle” magazine. But I was impressed with this author’s article, even though she seems to like to hear herself talk. It’s just unfortunate that it took her becoming a crime victim several times, not just once, before she considered buying a gun. Most people just require one victimization. Perhaps she’s just a slow learner.

It worries me that she is still afraid of her gun. It’s not a motorcycle. I have had more than one biker tell me that the minute you stop being afraid of your motorcycle, it will kill you. Guns are not that way. They operate according to a set of inflexible rules. Follow the rules, and no one will get hurt. No one but the criminal who attacks you, I should say.

But I think one should not own a weapon if one is not sure they have the heart to use it. A split-second’s hesitation could mean your own death at the hands of a criminal. One must not hesitate. Act swiftly and surely. Shoot first, ask questions later. Actually, if your aim is true, you can skip the questions. Just make sure yours is the only story that will be told.

I act swiftly and surely because, at all times, I remember the axiom: my life is worth more than a criminal’s.

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    I do happen to fall into the category of the one who may not have the heart to use the gun. Thanks for touching on that point, but I suppose it doesn’t make me very brave does it?


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