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Pictures of the Colorado Renaissance Festival


Larkspur, Colorado has a permanent mountainside “village” where they hold the Colorado Renaissance Festival in the summer every year. The buildings usually aren’t really habitable, they’re more of a stall or a storefront, but many of the vendors camp on site anyway. They have lots of craft vendors and performers and shows and food. It’s a fun place to visit.

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This marks the end of our 2011 vacation. Looking back, it’s rather shocking how many pictures I took. I only showed you a small percentage. Thank goodness for terabyte storage.

  1. 2012-02-15T16:44:39-05:00 16:44

    I always find it interesting how “Renaissance Festival” seems to cover so many time periods in history. But, hey! They’re still lots of fun! I can’t imagine a Ren Fest in Annapolis. I might have to check that out one year.


  2. 2012-02-09T19:48:16-05:00 19:48

    Hubby and I are devout ren faire enthusiasts. We’ve been to about five different states to visit their various festivals. The worst by far is Raleigh’s. The best is the one in Charlotte, and second place goes to Annapolis, MD. The bottom line is that any ren fest that has a permanent location is probably worth visiting. Any ren fest held at a state fairgrounds or some such is not worth your time or money. Unless you’re just hungry for a turkey leg.

    Enjoyed your pictures!


    • 2012-02-10T00:05:42-05:00 00:05

      Mmmmmmm, turkey leg. Actually, I’ve never had one of those. They never looked that appetizing. We always used to share a funnel cake, back when waffle cakes didn’t make us sick.

      I will have to visit the Charlotte one sometime.


  3. 2012-02-09T14:46:43-05:00 14:46

    This is a very nice series of pictures from the festival. I appreciate that you not only took pictures of whatever was going on during the festival, but turned around and took pictures of the spectators. That makes the series into a complete essay. Well captured and processed. Besides I am happy to finally have found your blog. Been trying for some time now, but your gravatar profil doesn’t direct me to the blog.


    • 2012-02-09T17:52:07-05:00 17:52

      Thank you! Coming from a professional photographer, that is high praise! Thanks for the info about my gravatar… I will have to fix it.


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