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Depeche Mode, “Any Second Now” cover


Of course, I can’t find the “proper” version of this Depeche Mode song with the original lyrics. Raheem (Isolate) has done a bang-up job with his cover, though. The Korg Triton synth has a crystal, bell-like clarity that Vince Clarke’s old analog synths (like the PPG Wave 2 and the Moog) simply can’t equal. And of course, Raheem sings in [DM lead singer] Martin Gore’s range, so it’s quite a credible cover.

I think the lyrics are beautiful, even if they don’t make a lot of sense.

She remembered all the shadows and the doubts, the same film
Vivid pictures like a wall that’s standing empty and the night so still
Such a small affair, a relapse someone closing like the nightclub door
Here again and when you speak I watch you move away and seem so sure
She is hoping to forget and the moment almost slips away
When the colours move apart and I wonder if you want to stay
And I need to change you like the words I’m reading, don’t you understand?
This the warning and the message I remember as you touch my hand

  1. 2012-02-09T05:53:16-05:00 05:53

    great song


  2. PerpetualSharon permalink
    2012-02-08T10:58:10-05:00 10:58

    I <3 Depeche Mode & Aliens.


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