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The check’s in the mail


Two of my clients are slow-pays. One is a so-called “business partner” who was bought out by another company last year, and it’s been utter chaos in their back office ever since. Apparently they’re not paying anyone for their debts, so I’m in good company. The other slow-pay is my current client, who just went live on their new system, and of course can’t seem to be able to cut a check from it. Again, I’m not the only one getting stiffed at the moment, so I’m not terribly worried. Still, it needs to be resolved within a month, or I will become wroth.

It reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic’s “The Check’s In the Mail.” That song is criticizing the music industry, but I think it’s applicable to any deadbeat really.

I’m  going to be whistling it for the rest of the week at this client, just like when I used to whistle “Colonel Bogey’s March” from the movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai” in Japanese language class. I love irony.

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