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Uncomfortable with a decaying society


Martians stationed here on this planet are required to earn their keep from the local economy – the Empire does not pay your daily expenses. So I function as a consultant.

Consultants are required to adhere to their clients’ dress codes. Most clients now use “business casual” : non-jean pants, polo or button-down shirts (no t-shirts), and closed-toe shoes (tie is optional, hats are unusual). Consultants wear a “uniform,” if you will, a uniform which allows the maximum access to the widest range of business and extracurricular areas in a society. It is a bland yet functional uniform.

Consultants stay a lot in hotels. All consultants dress pretty much the same, and there are a lot of us. Yet non-businesspeople also use hotels. And they sometimes don’t know how to dress.

Yesterday, in the breakfast room (a common area just off the lobby where breakfast is served in the morning), a young twenty-something couple was getting their breakfast. He was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and shower slippers. She was wearing light flannel pajama bottoms, a chemise of t-shirt material, and she was barefoot.

I thought North American society had slipped irretrievably toward complete collapse when children began wearing their pajamas to school, a decade or more ago. This is why I think school uniforms are a great idea. Not only does it prevent gang conflicts, it actually saves families money (no $300 sneakers or jerseys) and it trains children that the outside world expects conformity in the way you dress. This will help them in the workplace later, if their school actually instills enough skills in them to get a job.

Clearly this young couple never got the memo, which also says “the hotel hallway and lobby is not your room. Dress appropriately in public areas of the hotel.”

Then again, this IS California, the land of inappropriate behavior. Clearly I am not exposed enough to a decaying society to be comfortable with it.

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  1. 2012-02-07T22:24:54-05:00 22:24

    People wear pajamas out all over this great country of ours. It should be illegal. But so should going out without taking a shower first.


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