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The Adjustment Bureau


I watched “The Adjustment Bureau” last night, a pleasant bit of sci-fi romantic fluff without any gunfire at all (as opposed to “Death Race” the night before, which was pathetically bad despite copious amounts of gunfire).  “The Adjustment Bureau” did poorly at the box office ($62.5m), probably because Matt Damon keeps alienating the public with his socialist views. Now it’s on HBO.

“Bureau” is about a troupe of fedora-wearing angels who make sure that history unfolds according to God’s Plan, by nudging people and events to make sure they happen correctly. But love is more powerful than the Plan.

I especially enjoyed:

  • Terence Stamp (General Zod from the Superman movies, as well as the villain from the recent “Get Smart” movie) as the head angel/enforcer. He’s always so delightfully menacing without being violent.
  • John Slattery as a mid-level angel who does his best to oppose Matt Damon’s efforts, without knowing the reason why.
  • Anthony Mackie as an angel who identifies with his charges too much, and who works against the other angels to help Matt Damon.

I really couldn’t understand Emily Blunt’s character’s motivation, though. A “normal” woman would behave thus: If a man shows up, romances her and then leaves, fine. If he shows up again and leaves again, she’s done with him. But no, Emily Blunt accepts him back a third time. She really needed to punch him in the nose and tell him to fuck off. But then it would be a shorter movie with an unsatisfying ending. You know, like an independent film. ;-)

I think the best part is in the middle, when Terence Stamp delivers a soliloquy about “free will” and how the human race desperately mucks things up whenever they’re allowed to have it, which is why today, under the angels’ watchful eyes, you don’t. You just think you have free will.

“The Adjustment Bureau” is worth every bit of a dollar rental at Redbox. 3.5 stars.

  1. 2012-02-06T02:38:56-05:00 02:38

    Emily Blunt’s character has abandonment issues


    • 2012-02-06T09:35:26-05:00 09:35

      I think she needed a whack. She was setting a bad example for women. And I think the movie overall spent way too much time with the dance scenes. If I wanted to see dance, I would suffer through more of “Black Swan” than I already have.


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