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Pictures of Rocky Mountain National Park, part 3


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  • We drove through the eastern half of RMNP. The vistas were broad, not the craggy continental divide we saw in the western half.
  • The rodent is the American pika (Ochotona princeps). It was large, the size of a fat rabbit or a juvenile groundhog. It squeaked.
  • The lake is Bear Lake, one of my favorites, because it’s easy to get to, the water is icy and deep, and it’s small. I think smaller lakes and canyons are easier to appreciate than large ones.
  • The building next to the rushing mountain stream is a restaurant and hotel west of Estes Park, built over a river. The food was good and the locale was beautiful.
  • The white building and the associated interior photos are the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. This was the inspiration for Stephen King’s book, “The Shining.” It’s a beautiful place, with lots of wood. It would burn for days, I’m sure. We had hoped to stay there, but darling wife thought it was too expensive. Instead, we stayed at a Best Western on the east side of town and slept better there than we had in a week.
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    I miss lakes that aren’t full of alligators.

    That hotel looks beautiful but nothing beats a good night’s sleep.


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