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Teenaged Occupy Oakland protester murders parents


Did you hear about the teenaged Occupy Oakland protester who murdered his parents last week?

Funny, I didn’t either. I only heard about it because a local here in California mentioned it yesterday. Even the above article in a local paper “buries the lede” by mentioning offhandedly that the parents “were having some arguments with their son, some of it having to do with him spending too much time in the Occupy Oakland encampment”. It’s a perfect example of how the legacy media does its best to cover for the Occupy Wall Street gang and portray them as “mostly peaceful” (examples here and here and here) despite OWS’ constant violence and a rap sheet that gets longer every day. At the same time, the media continues to portray the Tea Party as racist, hateful and violent – all of the characteristics of Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Oakland has been one of the most violent groups, with 400 arrested last weekend after they broke into Oakland City Hall, vandalized it, stole an American flag and burned it on the steps outside.

Interestingly, the murdered parents in Oakland were “public servants.” She worked in a San Francisco city-run clinic for poor people in the high-crime Tenderloin district downtown. He worked as a prisoner psychologist in the San Francisco county jail. They adopted the boy who would later kill them. (No good deed goes unpunished, I always say.)

Funny how the London Daily Mail has more information about the crime than US sources do. I usually find American media is woefully lacking in details, usually because the media deliberately withhold them because of their relentless political correctness.

Anyway. Remember this the next time you hear about how peaceful Occupy Wall Street is.

  1. 2012-02-02T20:04:55-05:00 20:04

    Perform your civic duty, and plow right through them. They are non-productive members of society anyway – eliminating them means that no one else has to pay to feed them, and you’ll be preventing the future crimes they will commit, like vandalism, drug use, rape and murder. And you’ll be creating more jobs for the funeral industry. Isn’t that delightful?


  2. 2012-02-02T19:24:11-05:00 19:24

    I drive past our own Occupy movement every weekend or so, when heading through downtown Raleigh. They are in the middle of the street on a small median, in crazy tents, with a couple of Sani-Johns and a bunch of trash all around. I try to drive quickly around them.


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