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My nasty habit


I think it was Robert Heinlein who said that writing is a nasty habit, though it’s not in that particular list of quotes. It IS a compulsion, best performed alone.

I used to write to a few friends on a daily basis. It got old for both them and me. We learned more about each other than was good for us to know, because familiarity breeds contempt. And after awhile, we had said everything there was to say.

Now it’s easier if I just write here every day. I satisfy my compulsion, and I feed the greedy telecom companies who charge by the byte for people to read my nocturnal emissions. Plus I no longer have to keep track of both sides of a conversation. Everybody wins.

I found this handy list of things NOT to do in your writing.  Keep it short, it says. I try to do that, because you’re in a hurry and so am I. “Add a word, lose a reader,” says an ancient comrade of mine. They are both ancient and wise. And decrepit, but that’s not important.

I have a 500-word limit for myself. If I exceed it, you know I’m vexed about something.

Not today.


  1. 2012-02-02T22:26:26-05:00 22:26

    Oh that is why I cannot keep up with you, lol Marvin!
    Anna :)


  2. 2012-02-02T19:25:24-05:00 19:25

    I think one long rant is better than lots of 500-word separate posts. But that’s just me.


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