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Being called out to play


My darling wife wishes that more of her girlfriends would call her to come out and play, instead of her having to call them. I comfort her, but I have no answer for her. I’m used to playing by myself, since my friends are scattered far and wide. We chat on the phone instead.

Imagine darling wife’s annoyance when one of her girlfriends called this weekend – and asked me to come out and play.

Her friend wanted to go to a gun show, of all things. She travels at night, and she wants to get her concealed weapons permit. They teach classes at most gun shows. I’ve never taken one in my state, since I already had a permit from another state. Apparently in our state, you don’t even need to take a shooting test. You just need to pass the test showing you know what the laws are governing the use of deadly force. I suppose not having a shooting test makes it more fair for blind people (who do get CCW permits, I am told).

So the three of us went to a gun show, at a location I’d never been to before. It turned out to be a great show, with lots of vendors. I picked up some ammunition and magazines. She made arrangements to take her class the next day, since she had missed both classes by the time we got there. And my darling wife enjoyed having someone to talk to. They wandered while I shopped. They found some carved wooden boxes they liked, and bought one.

We also ran into a couple, who are friends of ours, friends I did not know were shooters. They didn’t know we were either. Now we know. Perhaps I’ll ask them to go to the range sometime. He was trying to buy 10,000 rounds of .22 Long Rifle, which is a lot. He didn’t like the price, though I thought it was reasonable. It would take me at least two or three years to work through that much ammunition. Apparently it wouldn’t take him nearly as long.

It was a good day. And my darling wife had a good time, even though I was the one her friend had asked out to play.

UPDATE: Our friend who took the class DID have to take a shooting test. There were 65 people in the afternoon class, so the class ran overtime, and then they all had to caravan several miles to the nearest shooting range, where they had to stand in line to take their turn to shoot their test. She got there last, so she was last in line. It took forever, but it’s finally done. Now she just needs to send her paperwork and license fee to the state, and she’ll have her own CCW permit. I’m very proud of her.

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    You are the expert on this one, so it’s good your wife’s friend asked you for help. It sounds like she had a nice time, even though it was you the friend called to come out and play. :) The gun thing, well it still freaks me out, but in some case it’s good to have the knowledge I suppose. You know I won’t be judging! :)


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