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Don’t disrespect the urine


Once in awhile, I “go there.” This is one of those days. Liberals are advised to avert their eyes, because opinions, facts and historical contexts which contradict their world-view lie ahead. Free-thinking people are invited to keep reading, because this is important.

Recently a Youtube video surfaced showing U.S. Marines urinating on corpses of Taliban terrorists killed in battle in Afghanistan.

Liberals are horrified and outraged at the very notion of desecrating the bodies of Muslim terrorists, and have been whining for days about how awful it is. The occasional military veteran fires back, but they’re drowned out by the sheer size of the media’s echo chamber.

Personally, I believe that anything worth shooting once is worth shooting twice. Or three times. Then running over it with an LAV. Perhaps even cutting off their ears and wearing them as a necklace, as soldiers on both sides did in Vietnam. Urinating on the corpses of the enemy is inconsequential by comparison, and it certainly doesn’t rise to the level of desecration that Muslims have been known to inflict (examples here and here and here and here). Not that you’ll see the liberal media discuss any of those incidents. Goodness, no.  

Interestingly, I haven’t seen any media personalities suggest that this urination incident is President Obama’s fault. Yet had this occurred during the administration of George W. Bush, every news anchor and Democrat operative would be blaming Bush for it, because he was the Commander In Chief, and the actions of the armed forces ultimately were his responsibility. Or so the liberal argument went, up until 2009. Post-2009, however, military “atrocities” have nothing to do with the President. As long as a Democrat is in power, of course.

Back to desecration of a corpse. The Gurkha soldiers in the British army have a long tradition of terrorizing their enemies by infiltrating their camps at night and slitting their throats while they sleep. Once in a while, the Gurkhas, like the Marines in the Youtube video, make the mistake of documenting their deeds. Hooray for the Gurkhas. Every first-class military should employ them. They get the job done, with style. The British military command is mortified when the Gurkhas get caught doing it, though.

The Geneva Convention and the U.S. military’s own rulebook forbids the mistreatment of corpses. The Taliban, of course, don’t follow those rules. Rules on paper aside, urinating on dead enemies isn’t wrong, as such. They’re already dead, and the worst has been done to them already. But disrespecting a corpse should not be documented, because it reflects badly on the professionalism of the Corps and upsets squeamish civilians.

Philosophically, one can argue that Marine urine touching terrorist corpses is disrespectful to the urine of heroes, and for that reason alone, it shouldn’t be done.

In a practical sense, if the Marines should be punished for anything, it should be for documenting what they did, because it’s bad public relations. Then they should be commended for killing Taliban members.

Then they should be allowed to get back to work.

  1. 2012-01-20T09:09:11-05:00 09:09

    Don’t disrespect the urine! I want a t-shirt that says that.


  2. 2012-01-17T20:14:12-05:00 20:14

    The general American public is just embarrassed that it was recorded on tape.


  3. 2012-01-17T02:38:49-05:00 02:38

    Well, often it does just come down to whether or not you get caught doing something other people don’t like/condone. I don’t understand why people feel the need to film/photograph themselves doing stupid things. I will enter a plea of no opinion on exactly how I feel about urinating on the enemy. Exactly who started any fight is ultimately going to come down to “He said/she said” kind of talk. We would like to believe we are “above” such behaviour, but as a race, we are inundated with accounts of disrespect for one another – living or dead – and hating what other people do, simply because “My father/grandfather died so that we wouldn’t have to do what you do!” (even if there is some sense to it). As smart as we are, we’re not very …


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