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One down, one to go, another town and one more show


I gave one of my presentations today at the trade show. It was well-attended, perhaps 50 to 60 people in a smallish room. Some people left in the middle. That’s always awkward, but you have to assume that they realized that whatever they expected, I wasn’t giving it to them. It was a “tips and tricks” seminar on how to use a particular set of software programs, so it was probably too detailed for some (who weren’t familiar with the software), and too general for others (who were gurus in the software). I tried to strike a middle ground, to piss off as few people as possible.

One man near the front was older than the rest. He had that air of uselessness about him which said that he doesn’t use the software. He has people do it for him.

It turned out I was right. He was the person who manages the development team which builds the software. He was God. I was talking about His creation. He was the person who was primarily responsible for building the thing, fifteen years ago.

Afterward, He said I gave an excellent presentation. I asked if I should have done anything differently. He said no. I was silently grateful that I had not said anything deprecating about the software.

One presentation down, one to go.

And for people who are less than a thousand years old, the title of this post is a lyric from Yes’ “Leave It,” from 1983.

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    I wouldn't want your job. I was employed in public relations and I hated public speaking. I found myself repeating the same point for emphasis.That's why I hated public speaking, forgetting that I had already made my point and repeating it.Repeating myself was such a problem for me when it came to public speaking…PS: Word Verification for this post is "hooerava." That must be a rave party with Hoover vacuum cleaners as props.


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    Congratulations on a job well done! I'm glad it went well.


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